Master Your Winter Putting Game with These 6 Indoor Drills

Use the Golf Off-Season to Improve Your Putting

As winter approaches, golfers face the challenge of maintaining and improving their skills without the luxury of a golf course. However, the colder months provide a unique opportunity to focus on a crucial aspect of the game—the putting stroke. In this article, we’ll explore six effective indoor putting drills designed to be practised on a putting mat or carpet. These drills not only keep your skills sharp during the winter, but also lay the groundwork for a more confident and consistent putting game when you return to the greens in the spring.

6 Indoor Putting Drills

1. Gate Drill

The Gate Drill is a fundamental exercise aimed at refining your ability to start the ball on the intended line. Set up two small objects, such as tees or coins, on your putting mat to create a “gate” just wider than the putter head. Concentrate on hitting the ball without touching the gate with your putter, focusing on accuracy and precision. This drill enhances your alignment and ensures a clean, square impact with the ball, setting the stage for a more reliable putting stroke.

2. Straight Line Drill

In the Straight Line Drill, the emphasis shifts to both distance control and a straight putting stroke. A straight putt works best here, if you don’t have a putting mat try to find the straightest part on your carpet. Place three to five small objects like tees or coins at intervals along this line and practice sinking putts in sequence. This modification helps you develop a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke while honing your ability to judge and control the distance of your putts. The straight line serves as a guide, promoting a more accurate and consistent roll.

If you miss, start from the beginning.

3. Ball Gate Drill

Building on the Gate Drill concept, the Ball Gate Drill is there to help you with your starting line.

To set this up, take to object and place the just wider than a ball width on your target line. This creates a ‘gate’ for your ball to roll through

This adjustment encourages you to focus on the follow-through, emphasizing acceleration and a smooth release of the putter head. By rolling the ball through the gate on the follow-through, you refine the second half of your putting stroke, ensuring a well-rounded and fluid motion. This drill is particularly effective in promoting a consistent tempo and follow-through.

When starting the ball online, you are bound to start making more putts.

4. Coin Drill

For improved head stability and focus, try the Coin Drill. Position a coin directly under the ball. After making contact with the ball, keep your eyes fixed on the coin. This drill encourages a steady head position throughout the putting stroke, promoting greater consistency and accuracy. Maintaining focus on the coin also enhances mental discipline, a crucial aspect of successful putting.

5. One-Handed Putting Drill

The One-Handed Putting Drill challenges golfers to refine their touch and coordination. Begin by gripping the putter with only your lead hand, making putting strokes with a single-handed grip, and switching to your right hand after a few putts. This drill hones your feel for the putter head and promotes a smoother, more controlled stroke. Practice with both hands to ensure a balanced development of your putting skills. The one-handed approach isolates and addresses specific aspects of your putting technique, making it a valuable addition to your indoor practice routine.

6. Straight Back-Straight Through Drill

Place a club, alignment stick or any other straight object on the ground parallel to your target line. Practice making strokes where the putter moves straight back and straight through along the target line. This promotes a consistent putting stroke. The Straight Back-Straight Through Drill emphasizes the importance of maintaining a straight and repeatable stroke, contributing to improved accuracy and ball direction.

Winter is the Time to Work on Your Putting

Winter doesn’t have to be a downtime for your golf game. These six indoor putting drills offer a comprehensive and structured approach to improving your putting skills during the colder months. Whether you’re refining your alignment, enhancing distance control, or working on a smoother stroke, each drill serves a specific purpose in elevating your putting game. Incorporate these drills into your winter practice routine, and come spring, you’ll find yourself with a more confident and reliable putting stroke ready to conquer the greens. 

Try to get yourself into pressure situations, this can be making a certain number of putts in a row, or not touching the gate for ‘X’ number of putts. ‘Punish’ yourself if you make a mistake to put something on the line and add some pressure.

So, roll out your putting mat, grab your putter, and let the indoor putting sessions begin!

Written by TJ Biggs, The Saturday Golfer Logo