TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter Review

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter Delivers on Stability & Forgiveness

The TaylorMade Spider putter range has become synonymous with stability and forgiveness, captivating golfers worldwide for nearly two decades. The latest addition, the Spider Tour, promises to redefine putting performance with its blend of renowned technologies and innovative design. It is a throwback to the original Spider Putter (think Jason Day). I actually still use the black one, so trying this model out was really nice.

The New Spider Tour Putter vs. The Original Spider

TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter on white seamless background.The first thing that stood out to me was the thick sightline. On the original version, there is a thin line. The new version has a thick white line, with a thick black line running through it. I neither like it or dislike it. I do feel however it makes the putter look bigger, even though it is the same size.

Overall the putter was good, it had a slightly harder feel off the face compared to the original, and the performance was pretty much the same.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Technology

The latest version of the Spider Tour putter has a few enhancements aimed at improving feel and forgiveness. The True Path™ Alignment system, an optically-engineered feature, offers clear visualization of the putting line, aiding in aiming and target alignment. 

Made from a blend of Surlyn and aluminum, the White TPU Pure Roll™ insert provides a softer feel on impact, with grooves angled at 45° for optimal forward roll and improved overall roll characteristics. 

This insert also works together with the white True Path Alignment, enhancing visuals. Precision weighting and design elements, including a thin wall undercut and steel wireframe, allow precise CG placement, resulting in a superstructure with heightened stability and forgiveness. 

Additionally, the inclusion of the HYBRAR ECHO® Damper behind the face minimizes vibrations, delivering a premium sound and feel with every putt.

Detailed Spider Tour Putter Review

Putter Looks

The Spider Tour’s sleek and modern design maintains the classic Spider shape while incorporating subtle enhancements for improved aesthetics. The clean black, white, and gunmetal grey finish exudes a premium feel, with small pops of colour adding a touch of class. Although the large head size may not appeal to everyone, the white insert and alignment aid contribute to a more refined appearance.

Sound & Feel

With its weighting positioned at the back of the head, the Spider Tour delivers a surprisingly harder feel that is anticipated at impact, however still softer than a milled-face putter. The Hybrar Echo Dampener minimizes vibrations, enhancing the overall sound and feel of each putt. Despite its larger size, the putter offers forgiveness across varying putt lengths, ensuring a more central strike for improved performance.

Putt Control & Forgiveness

Featuring a thin wall undercut and optimized weight distribution, the Spider Tour boasts exceptional stability and forgiveness. The CG location, tailored to each model in the range, allows for optimal putter fitting, while the True Path Alignment system aids in visualizing the ideal path to the hole. The added forgiveness proves particularly beneficial on longer putts, reducing dispersion and instilling confidence in critical situations.

Putts struck out of the toe or in on the heel definitely start straighter, and you can feel the head trying to stay square as much as possible. The forgiveness is significant, but if you put a really bad stroke on the ball you will still miss the putt.

The stock thick SuperStroke Grip will also help with unwanted hand rotation during the putting stroke. 

Putting Performance

During testing, the Spider Tour demonstrated impressive performance across a range of putt lengths. Its stability and forgiveness were especially notable, leading to consistent results and improved accuracy on the greens. Despite initial concerns about its size, the putter’s mass behind the face proved advantageous, particularly on short putts where stability is crucial.

Value for Money

With a retail price starting at $349, the Spider Tour offers competitive pricing in today’s putter market. While its bold design may not appeal to all players, its performance, feel, and sound justify the investment for those seeking enhanced putting performance.

Pro’s & Con’s


  • Sleek and modern design
  • Exceptional stability and forgiveness
  • Competitive pricing
  • Consistent performance across varying putt lengths


  • Large head size may not suit all players
  • Bold alignment feature will be polarizing

Who is the Spider Tour Putter Best for?

The TaylorMade Spider Tour putter is ideal for golfers seeking stability, forgiveness, and consistent performance on the greens. While its design may not appeal to traditionalists, players looking to elevate their putting game will appreciate its advanced features and competitive pricing.


The TaylorMade Spider Tour putter delivers on its promise of stability, forgiveness, and performance. Despite its bold design, the putter’s innovative technologies and refined aesthetics make it a compelling choice for golfers looking to improve their putting consistency and confidence. With its competitive pricing and impressive performance, the Spider Tour represents a worthy investment for players seeking a reliable and effective putter. Shop new & used TaylorMade Putters at GlobalGolf.com

Written by TJ Biggs, The Saturday Golfer

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