Tiger’s One-Handed Putting Drill

Tiger’s Go-To Putting Drills

Tiger’s two go-to putting drills are as basic as they come, but they get results. The first is the tee drill with one tee in the green at the heel and the other at the toe of the putter head. To make the putt, you have to swing the putter straight through the tees and make contact with the ball in the middle of the face.

One-Handed Putting with Tiger & Blair O’Neal

The second drill is as easy as it sounds. Whether it’s from the same spot or around the world, both Tiger and Blair hit a few balls with their trail hand and then repeat the drill putting with both hands. Beyond dialing in feel for the day, this tour-favorite drill really accomplishes a lot.

The advantages of putting with your trail hand:

  • Forces proper set-up.
  • Keeps the hands soft.
  • Promotes a smoother, free-swinging putting stroke.
  • Provides the feeling of acceleration through the putt, eliminating jabbing strokes.
  • Allows for the feel of the putter weight and proper release as the blade swings through impact.
  • Creates pre-round confidence.

Tiger Woods one-hand putting drill set-up.     Tiger Woods one-hand putting drill release.

I like feeling the face rotate,” Tiger says. “I like feeling my right hand hit. I like to feel the load in my stroke going back and the release coming through-Tiger Woods

Blair O’Neal Putting Video

Blair walks us through the one-handed putting drill and what she likes about it.

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