Avoid 3-Putts with this Lag Putting Drill

Practice Putting it Close to Avoid 3-Putts

Over the 2022-23 season, Patrick Cantlay was Top 5 in Putts Made Over 20′ and #1 on tour for Putting from 3′. That’s a great 1-2 punch for avoiding 3-putts – accurate lag putting and never missing the easy ones.

To help improve accuracy on long putts, Blake Jirges, PGA uses tees to help you putt like Patrick and put it close to the hole from far out.

What you’ll need: 5 balls, 2 tees, and a decent size putting green.

Place one tee a foot short of the hole and another tee two feet past the hole then try to putt all five balls within the two tees. Start at 15 feet then move back to 25 feet, and 40 feet.

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