STIX Golf Putter Review 

Is the STIX Putter Worth It? 

The STIX Golf putter is a really affordable mallet-style putter that comes with any of the STIX complete sets. However, some people are unaware that you can purchase the STIX putter individually. 

With a price of less than $125, it’s hard not to look at the STIX putter and see if it’s worth it. We took this one out on the course for a few rounds and can tell you it’s better than we expected. 

So, if you are in the market for a new putter that is affordable but also pretty consistent, here is what to know about the STIX golf putter. 

STIX Putter Features & Benefits 

Before we get into our experience with the STIX putter, here are some things to know about the technology and general makeup of the club. 

Close up of STIX putter with milled face resting on grass.Milled Face

The STIX putter is not an insert putter; it has a milled face. With a milled face, you typically get a more solid feel at impact, plenty of feedback, and sometimes a little more jump start for the golf ball. 

Large Square Grip

The grip on the STIX putter is a large square-style grip. The grip is soft to the touch, but it ensures that your hands and wrists are less active in the putting stroke. With the larger square grip, you may find it easier to keep a more pendulum-style putting stroke. Close up of STIX putter grip laying on grass.

Modern Black Clubhead

The clubhead is a modern mallet in a black finish. The black finish is not just for aesthetics as it can also help with glare and alignment issues. 

Custom Shaft Length

STIX putter laying on grass.Without paying anything extra, you can order the STIX putter in a length customized to your height. This could be the most important feature of the STIX putter, as putter length is one of the most important fitting factors in your entire golf bag. 

STIX has a few options for a custom length; the putter I ordered was one inch short of the standard. The standard putter length is 35” which is too long for most golfers. With these putters 34″ is standard, so base your putter length choice on that. 

Our Experience 

I typically play with a Scotty Cameron Newport putter, but I switched it out for the STIX mallet putter for a week to see how it did. 

Overall Look & Feel (8/10)

I liked the look of the putter. It’s more of a classic mallet than a modern mallet, but it sits very nicely on the ground; I tend to like putters that sit low like this. 

The black finish is nice, although I’m not sold on the fact that it will hold up quite like STIX claims it will. I’m sure without the proper putter cover, this would chip rather easily. 

When it comes to feel, the putter is a little lightweight at first. Again, this will vary depending on what you are currently using, but the graphite shaft in the putter does play into this. Sole of STIX putter held over grass.

At impact, it’s more of a clicking noise than other putters that are probably more of a thud if they are an insert design. 

Speed & Distance Control Performance (7/10)

Anytime you switch putters, it takes a little bit of time to adjust. The first thing I noticed about the STIX putter was that it was a little firm. However, after playing with it for just a few minutes, I was quickly able to adjust. 

I noted that the larger grip lets you keep your hands and wrists stable through impact, making it a great choice if you are an inconsistent putter. 

I liked the speed control on the shorter putts; the putter itself makes it easy to create a repeatable stroke. 

Alignment (7/10)

Alignment on the STIX putter is not my favorite. There is a very small red line on the top of the club. It’s not incredibly long, so getting it set to the target could be challenging for newer players. 

However, overall alignment regarding getting the club to sit square and setting it down to the line was good. You just have to be aware that you won’t get a long alignment line with this putter in your hands. 

Putter Review: Key Takeaways 

Overall, the STIX putter is a good choice for the money. It is a very simple design with just enough upgrades to make it a solid option. Here are the basics of what we liked and didn’t like on the course: 

  • The ball comes off the clubface a little fast; It’s a better putter for slow greens 
  • The lightweight shaft takes a few swings to get used to 
  • Very consistent and stable on shorter putts
  • Sits nicely on the turf, making it easier to set the club down square 

Who Is This Putter For? 

I would suggest lower handicap players stay away from the STIX putter. The technology, feel, and the overall look is just not appealing to a lower handicap player. For mid-handicappers who need more consistency and are maybe playing with a blade currently, the STIX putter is a great choice. 

I also really like this putter for higher-handicap players. 

The large grip combined with the stable club head makes it easier to learn a stable and consistent stroke. 

My only hesitation for the beginner golfer is the shorter alignment line. Having a longer alignment line can be helpful when starting the game. 

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the STIX putter is a really good choice for golfers who want a custom length putter option without breaking the bank. 

Final Verdict: Is The STIX Putter Worth It? 

The STIX golf putter surprised us when we tested it. Can it be put in the category with an Odyssey or a Scotty Cameron? No. However, for the money it is offered, you will find impressive consistency, a good feel, and solid distance and speed control. 

I would invest in this putter if you are a mid-to-high handicapper looking for a custom-length upgrade without trying to break the bank. The grip alone is a great addition for golfers looking for consistency. 

 Written by Brittany Olizarowicz, Golf Teaching Professional Logo