Odyssey Ai-ONE Putter Review

Odyssey Leads the AI Push Into Putting

AI-crafted club faces have become more and more popular in golf equipment, from drivers to irons. Leading this innovation, Callaway and Odyssey venture into the putting market with their groundbreaking Ai-ONE putters. These putters have an advanced face insert designed through Artificial Intelligence, ensuring golfers experience forgiveness and consistent ball speed while maintaining a comfortable feel.

I dive into some details around the Ai-ONE Putter range and give you my personal feedback, highlighting their feel and impressive forgiveness. My personal preference in the new line is the #7 slant neck model. It has always been my go to with Odyssey, and in the Ai-ONE range it is no different.

Advantages & Features of Odyssey Ai-ONE Putters

Every golfer, irrespective of skill level, encounters moments of missing the sweet spot. Odyssey Ai-ONE putters address this universal challenge with an advanced insert, leveraging Callaway’s AI design and supercomputing capabilities. The multi-material construction, unique contours, and the revolutionary Ai-ONE urethane insert together combine for a more consistent ball speed with putts that are up to 21% closer to the hole.

Innovative Multi-Material Putter Head

The Ai-ONE putters feature a multi-material construction with distinct contours on the back of the face. These contours minimize the loss of ball speed on off-center hits, significantly expanding the sweet spot. The Ai-ONE urethane insert, crafted using Artificial Intelligence, ensures a consistent and responsive feel across the entire face, a quality appreciated by both Tour players and amateurs.

Cutting-Edge Ai-ONE Insert

Designed with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, the Ai-ONE insert incorporates contours on the aluminum back piece to promote consistent ball speed. The co-molded grooved White Hot urethane layer on the aluminum back piece delivers the classic White Hot feel, catering to the preferences of Tour players and amateurs alike.

Revolutionary AI Window

The addition of a Panlite® window, an automotive-grade polymer, offers a transparent view of the intricate design at the back of the putter. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides insight into the advanced engineering behind these putters.

Innovative SL 90 Shaft

The SL 90 Shaft represents an evolution of the Stroke Lab Weighting system, featuring a lightweight steel shaft with 20-30 grams of counterbalance weight in the butt end. This design appeals to a broader range of golfers, providing enhanced performance and control.

Striking Navy Blue PVD Finish

All Ai-ONE putters showcase a stunning navy blue PVD finish, elevating them to a premium and distinctive status. This unique finish not only contributes to aesthetics that easily pass the eye test, but also makes a bold statement on the greens.

Customizable Front Weights

Equipped with interchangeable front weights in 5, 10, 15, and 20 grams, the Ai-ONE putters give golfers the option to fine-tune the head weight according to their preferences. These removable weights allow for a customized and personalized putting experience, though it’s important to note that the weight kit is sold separately.

Odyssey Ai-ONE Putter Models

Odyssey Ai-ONE Putter Heads - Top View

Ai-ONE #1 CH Putter

Presenting a classic heel-and-toe weighted blade design, the Ai-ONE #1 CH features rounded bumpers and a crank hosel or L Neck. The substantial toe hang benefits strokes involving more face rotation and arc.

Ai-ONE Double Wide DB Putter

The Ai-ONE Double Wide introduces a broader-bodied blade with a double-bend shaft, minimizing toe hang. Ideal for strokes with minimal face rotation and arc.

Ai-ONE Rossie S Putter

Embodying the timeless design of a classic Odyssey rounded mallet, the Ai-ONE Rossie S features distinctive alignment lines and a slant hosel. Tailored for strokes with pronounced face rotation and arc, this putter offers substantial toe hang.

Ai-ONE Seven S Putter

The Ai-ONE Seven S presents an iconic and contemporary design, characterized by angular lines that enhance alignment effortlessly. With a slant hosel, this putter is well-suited for strokes with prominent face rotation and arc.

Ai-ONE Seven CH Putter

Characterized by an iconic and contemporary design, the Ai-ONE Seven CH features an angular shape that has an easy alignment aspect. Its crank hosel or L Neck configuration ensures minimal toe hang, making it suitable for strokes with less face rotation and arc.

My Thoughts on the Ai-ONE Line

How does it look?

The distinct blue finish of these putters makes a vivid statement on the green, standing out against the grass. While personal preferences may vary, the Seven and Double Wide models suit my eye the best, with the Rossie being the least appealing.

How Does the Ai-ONE Perform?

Despite not guaranteeing every putt, the Ai-ONE putters exhibit incredible forgiveness on miss hits. From the center to heel and toe hits, the putters showcase remarkable forgiveness regarding start line and distance control. Most notably, the Ai-ONE Seven S Putter stands out, performing exceptionally well based on its visual appeal, feel, and overall performance.

Which model do you recommend?

Odyssey Ai-ONE putters redefine the putting experience by seamlessly integrating Artificial Intelligence with golf craftsmanship. The Ai-ONE insert, combined with multi-material construction The Odyssey Ai-ONE #7S Putterand innovative features, ensures consistent ball speed and accuracy. The navy blue PVD finish, interchangeable front weights, and diverse models cater to personalization, enhancing both aesthetics and performance. My recommendation is to try each model out to determine the best fit for your preferences.

Having never taken the plunge to purchase a Seven S as I have always putted well with my Spider X, it is finally time to take the step and put it in my bag. The addition of the Ai-ONE technology makes it a step up from the previous models, and is ‘hopefully’ going to add that little bit extra to my putting performance that we are all looking for.

As I mentioned these putters are not going to make me make every putt, however putting is a game of small margins, and anything extra, even just a little bit can go a long way.

TL;DR Putter Review

The Odyssey Ai-ONE lineup offers golfers a blend of cutting-edge technology, superior performance, and elegant design, presenting an exciting opportunity to elevate your putting game.

Written by TJ Biggs, The Saturday Golfer

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